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Ack, where did the week go. Here is a smathering of pics to make up for the last few days. With commentary since it's been a while.

(Jonne: PHROAAARRR! Fear me and my mic stand of DOOOOM!)

(Larry: nggghhhhburbbbbleeeeee)

(Look! Larry!bulge. Even he's blushing about it and Antti's applauding the presence of the bulge.)

(that's just sex period.)

(Jay: My.Boa. Steal it and die.
Sir: *sneaks in for the kill*)

(i just love this one. i have nothing else to say about it.)

(Jonne: Are you there god? It's me, Jonne. Please let me rememer the lyrics tonight.
Antti: *hides* I can't believe he fucked up the lyrics again!)

(Ohhhh how I wish I knew what was going on here! Any thoughts?)

(Antti: I don't know any of you fuckers. You're all nutters.)

Okay, so the commentary SUCKED, but I'm in a weird mood, so there you go. Enjoy!

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